OT: high bandwidth internet

From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Sun Oct 28 21:26:00 2001

> I finally caught up with my neighbor and he tells me that his microwave-based
> internet service is with Sprint Broadband. He also tells me they're shaky and
> not accepting any new subscribers.

It's worse than that. I guess he hasn't heard that Sprint Broadband is closing
operations soon. There was an announcement recently that both Sprint and AT&T
are dumping their wireless internet services.

> He's had some rough luck with his choice of
> CPU's, etc. He's got several ALPHA boxes that apparently don't work with teh OS
> he wanted to use, and this wasn't the first time he was left high and dry by a
> CPU maker after making a significant investment.

Did he buy the systems without checking what OS was supported on them? DEC and
Compaq have always had a list of supported operating systems for each of their
systems. If he didn't check first then DEC and Compaq can't be blamed if the
operating system he wanted to run couldn't.
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