A couple old books, 6502 and Mostek

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Mon Oct 29 01:18:47 2001

I found a couple books while digging in boxes at TRW.

Beyond Games: Systems Software for your 6502 Personal Computer. Ken Skier
This is a very early book, copyright 1981, covering a series of articles
from BYTE magazine. Lots of low level nuts and bolts software, a monitor,
assembler, text, printing etc., but with a very basic approach, and over
half the book are reference listings etc. Has a few specifics for each of
Pet, Apple, Atari, and other 6502 computers.

Mostek, MOS Integrated Circuit Guide. Magazine sized, 138 page, blue and
silver book, copyright is 1975, but the only microprocess it mentions is
the F8, and I was expecting 6502. Covers several early memory chips and
some consumer calculator chips, very nice condition.

I am thinking about $5 for either book, but best offer and postage gets it.
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