TU81+ spooks (was: Re: first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...)

From: Geoff Roberts <geoffrob_at_stmarks.pp.catholic.edu.au>
Date: Mon Oct 29 01:58:35 2001

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Subject: TU81+ spooks (was: Re: first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...)

> >>> SHOW ALL
> ...
> 1+ DWMBA/B (2107) 000A
> 2+ KLESI-B (0103) 0006
> ...
> >>> BOOT /XMI:D /BI:2

Okay, that looks correct.


This is sus.
According to my 6000-400 manual Table C-2

R5 Bit functions for Ultrix.
 Forces ULTRIXBOOT to prompt the user for an image name
(Default is VMUNIX)
 Boots the ULTRIX kernel imag in single-user mode.
Must be set and R4 must be 0
Must be set.

> Initializing system.
> ...
> Loading system software.
> ?06 Halt instruction executed in kernel mode.
> PC = 200D7264
> SAVPSL = 041F0600
> ISP = 0003FBB8
> ?3D Error initializing I/O device
> Bootstrap failed due to previous error.
> >>>
> ans this goes all too fast certainly the tape never starts
> moving before the error.

This is an Ultrix tape? You have threaded and LOADED the tape right? And
the machine is online?
The BOT, ONLINE and LOGIC ON leds are lit?
The error basically means the device you are trying to access doesn't
respond or isn't there.
I think you have the device name wrong, just looking in book to try and see
what it should be.
It doesn't actually SAY you can boot from a TU81, but it doesn't say you
can't either.

> So I tried checking for the TU81's unit number (may be it's
> MU1 or MU4 or MU213, who knows? First thing is when I power
> up the TU81 it shows 000 on the front panel, but as soon
> as it is initialized the display remains blank. So, perhaps
> it has no unit number set at all?

I don't think it has one, mine shows under VMS as ENIGMA$MUA0
That certainly how mine behaves. Have you tried to boot from MUA0 instead
of MU0?
The TK70 is CSA1 so that could be it.

Not sure what else it could be off hand, will have a closer look at the boot
flags, might be something special needed for tape.
Never actually done a tape boot, boot flags look sus for ultrix though.


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