Is Joe Around Here(info MDS225)

From: Mike <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 11:58:18 2001

From: Doug Taylor <>

> Hi there ...
> After reading Joes Intel MDS page I was intrigued.
> I have a MDS 225 Series III , but I have no OS or software. I need help in
> getting it going.
> It starts up O.K. into the diag ROM but thats it.
> Is there a way for me to get ISIS III for it?
> Also, what exactly CPM (GENERIC) will work on it?

Hi Doug, I have that machine among others recently from Joe including his
docs and (lotsa but I'll have to check on the Isis iii) software for the
MDS, I'll see if I can boot her up and try to help get what you need for
yours (or get some help getting mine going ;))

I also picked up peices and parts that I knew or were informed that some of
you were interested in and I'll follow up as I catch up.

- Mike:
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