TU81+ spooks (was: Re: first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...)

From: Gunther Schadow <gunther_at_aurora.regenstrief.org>
Date: Mon Oct 29 12:11:02 2001

> This is an Ultrix tape? You have threaded and LOADED the tape right? And
> the machine is online?

> The BOT, ONLINE and LOGIC ON leds are lit?

yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes :-)

> The error basically means the device you are trying to access doesn't
> respond or isn't there.

yes, but why?

> I think you have the device name wrong, just looking in book to try and see
> what it should be.

>>So I tried checking for the TU81's unit number (may be it's
>>MU1 or MU4 or MU213, who knows? First thing is when I power
>>up the TU81 it shows 000 on the front panel, but as soon
>>as it is initialized the display remains blank. So, perhaps
>>it has no unit number set at all?
> I don't think it has one, mine shows under VMS as ENIGMA$MUA0
> That certainly how mine behaves. Have you tried to boot from MUA0 instead
> of MU0?
> The TK70 is CSA1 so that could be it.

I did try MUB0 (because that's how VMS calls it for me), but
that doesn't work. I just like VMS calls my disk DUA0 but to
boot from it I have to call it just DU0. So MU0 it should be.
The CSA1 is weird, because it's really MUC6 for VMS, and it
should be another MU.

[[[[BTW: In fact the CSA1 is more like a named boot specification


works just fine, so does

>>> BOOT /XMI:D /BI:6 CSA1

but when I dod


it barks to me with illegal boot specification after initializing.
But that's just an aside.]]]]

> It doesn't actually SAY you can boot from a TU81, but it doesn't say you
> can't either.

> Not sure what else it could be off hand, will have a closer look at the boot
> flags, might be something special needed for tape.
> Never actually done a tape boot, boot flags look sus for ultrix though.

Yes, that would be the crucial question? Can you even boot from
TU81+. Given the rest of the orthogonal DEC design, I would be
highly surprized if one could not. Also, I'm pretty sure that
BSD used to be distributed on 9-track, bootable, presumably. But
I would appreciate a confirmation of this. If someone could test
copying a bootable TK to TU and then try TU booting?

Meanwhile I have a lead on the E77 that I get when I want to
set the TU unit number. So, this may be the cause of the
unresponsiveness at boot time.


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