Almost on topic - Cassette I/O

From: Ben Franchuk <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 08:46:14 2001

M H Stein wrote:
> Howdy to a fellow Canuck no doubt digging the long underwear out of the closet in preparation for winter...
> Might have something for ya; was just having one last look through some old Byte mags pulling out Cromemco ads before tossing 'em, and in July '76 there is a construction article for a fast cassette interface. Can scan it for ya if you're interested. Might also be able to find some others, was a popular project in those days. Can also ship you a Burroughs L series digital cassette drive (with some docs) if you're up to the challenge of interfacing it :) Also have tech info on some old computers (e.g. RS M100, AIM65) using cassette I/O.
> See on your web site you're also looking for PPT stuff; might even have something for ya in that department (Toronto area, though).
> While on the subject, anybody interested in an SwTPc AC-30 cassette interface? Just happen to have one; in fact, the reason I remembered that issue of Byte is 'cause the AC-30 is advertised on the inside front cover.
All look interesting providing shipping does not kill me as I
live far from large urban centers.
If nothing else I will take the bytes off you if you wish to
part with them. If the digital cassette does not need a power
supply I may be interested. Shipping may be best by greyhound.
Right now I have the computer stuff on a breadboard. I would
like to a get a PCB board made but I have not yet found a place
buy and program the prom I need. ( EDC1441 20pin PLCC from
Altera ) Until I get the computer finished and stand alone I
will use a old PC as smart terminal and not need real I/O until
spring. By chance you would not have a terminal too? Ben.
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