Apple II SCSI Card Questions

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 13:05:35 2001

Hello all,

I just today received an Apple II SCSI card (NO docs), and I have some

First, a description of the card:

Typical sized Apple II card, has a ribbon cable with one connector soldered
to the card, and the other terminating in a female 25-pin "D" shape
connector. There is a 40-pin chip labeled "NCR/5380" on one line, followed
by "C476217", "6-1082073", and "8810S" on separate lines. There is also a
27128 EPROM, labeled "341-0437-A, (c) Apple '87". Aside from some glue
logic, there are also two PALs, an 8-position jumper block, and a 6264 SRAM
chip. The card is silk-screened "607-0291-B (c) 1986 Apple II SCSI Card",
and carries the FCC ID "BC66DSA2B2087".


1) Is this the High-Speed SCSI card I hear about every so often?

2) Will this card work in a IIgs?

3) Are there any limitations to what SCSI devices I can attach? Ideally,
I'd like to add an external hard drive and CD-ROM (Or maybe a Zip drive).
Could I do this from this card?

4) Does anyone have docs they could copy and send to me? I'd gladly pay

5) Are there updates to the EPROMs available somewhere? Not that I suspect
problems, but if Apple released updates, I'd like to make sure I have the
latest code...

6) Does anyone have drivers (if needed) that they could copy and send to me?
Again, I'll pay postage.


Rich B.

P.S. I get the digest, so if you could CC: me privately in your replies, I'd
appreciate it. I'm a bit anxious to know what I've got here...

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