TU81+ spooks (was: Re: first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...)

From: UberTechnoid_at_home.com <(UberTechnoid_at_home.com)>
Date: Mon Oct 29 17:26:51 2001

Have you tried : BOOT /XMI:D ?BI:2 /R5:1008 MUB0



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>O.K. it would have been too good to be true. I got quite far with my
>Ultrix, but then I got stuck with being unable to boot from the TU81+

>My VMS 5.4 does detect the TU81 just fine, calls it MUB0 and allows me to
>mount it and write files to it. I think I have
>now a bootable 9-track reel with at least the first 10
>files of the Ultrix 4.1 bootable tape ready to go with all
>blocksizes as required. It was fun writing!

>But trying to boot this still brings up the old error:

> >>> SHOW ALL
> 1+ DWMBA/B (2107) 000A
> 2+ KLESI-B (0103) 0006
> >>> BOOT /XMI:D /BI:2 /R5:1008 MU0
>Initializing system.
>Loading system software.

>?06 Halt instruction executed in kernel mode.
> PC = 200D7264
> SAVPSL = 041F0600
> ISP = 0003FBB8

>?3D Error initializing I/O device

>Bootstrap failed due to previous error.
> >>>

>ans this goes all too fast certainly the tape never starts
>moving before the error.

>So I tried checking for the TU81's unit number (may be it's
>MU1 or MU4 or MU213, who knows? First thing is when I power
>up the TU81 it shows 000 on the front panel, but as soon
>as it is initialized the display remains blank. So, perhaps
>it has no unit number set at all?

>The manual says in order to set the unit number you have to
>go into TEST program 04. Which I did, TEST - STEP - STEP -
>STEP - EXECUTE. But then it only says E77 and that's it.
>This means, something is wrong, but what? The manual only
>says to call DEC field service. I know the drive works
>fine, the diagnostic test 01 has passed just fine and VMS
>works happily with it. So, who knows about the TU81 and
>how to set a unit number or make it bootable otherwise???

>(PS: yes, I had the drive loaded and online when I tried
>booting, did that offline mistake once before, but not here.)

>thanks again for your excellent advice,

Jeffrey S. Worley
Asheville, NC USA
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