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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 19:42:19 2001

Chuck McManis skrev:

>On Topic and Off Topic :-)

>At 11:44 PM 10/28/01 -0800, it was written:
>>PS2 is last year, by Xmas all his friends will be talking about Xbox and
>>GameCube. We have N64, and I resisted forever getting one, and relented
>>only as the price dropped to about $150 with a game (he just HAD to have
>>Zelda). Keep in mind this is a razor blade industry, regardless of the high
>>price of the console, the real money and costs will be in games etc.

>Off topic part:

>I was originally quite excited by the Xbox, I still think the _hardware_ is
>cool, but the fact that Microsoft will be in charge of the software makes
>me cringe. The first dedicated console that crashes not because of the
>games :-( If I had to buy one this year I'd go with the PSTwo. Best of the
>current lot, if I could get full docs and write my own software, I'd get
>the Xbox.

I think that getting your son a PC for gaming will get him involved with the
"bad boys", the kind who like to slaughter each other across networks whoile
shouting bad words at each other. Console games are nicer.

>>My recommendation is to forget the console, and put together a gaming PC.
>>Better intelligence to the games, and immensely greater selection and

>On topic part:

>This will basically cost 10x as much in real terms and be harder to
>maintain. Unless you use it only for games and even then games from
>different years won't work on it.

Getting a computer (particularly a PC, seeing how expensive they are, both to
obtain and maintain) just for games is not a financially sound idea, I agree.

>So how many people collect gaming environments? It seems that classic
>computers go back to the early days of the C-64 vs Atari console wars.
>Remember the advertisements where the young guy is sitting in a job
>interview and the interviewer says, "So you can score 200,000 in space
>donuts and get to the 15th level in maze wars, but what else can you do?"
>and then they offer that if your kid said, "I can hack a C64" they would
>hire him. (they don't really say that, they imply programming ability :-)

I certainly get games and consoles whenever I can. My main interest in old
computers revolves around games, sound and graphics. A computer with just an
RS-232 connection to the outside world just isn't as interesting, IMO.

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