Price guide for vintage computers

From: Eric Chomko <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 19:59:47 2001

"Eric J. Korpela" wrote:

> > Has anyone considered that creating a price guide might do more harm than
> > good. What do you think that thrift shops (for example) would do if they had
> > a price guide? Jack their prices up to match most likely
> My experience have been that thrift shop prices are typically too high
> by factors of 2 to 10 on common items and only marginally low on rarer
> items. It's as likely that thrift shop owners might decide to lower
> their prices on many items to match the guide.

Here in DC it's like that too; thrift stores overcharging for computer items.
I have been leaving them on the shelves. A big reason is that I'm much more picky
due to space restriction reasons, but some items are priced ridiculously high.

> If thrift shops want to raise prices on underpriced items to match the
> market, that's fine by me. They are certainly entitled to receive what
> the item is worth.

Any new price guide isn't going to radically change anything right away. The
value of the price guide is the manner in which it will change with the change
in the market.

In the coin business, the Grey Sheet (TM) is the BiBle. The thing is the gospel
truth of the US coin business. The reason that that is true is that the Greysheet
values change with the market. It's goal is to accurately price coins. Nothing
more. IMO, its the best price guide of any kind in any collectible area of its

Eric C.

> Eric
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