value of classic DEC machines?

From: Doug Carman <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 21:26:20 2001

Tony Duell wrote:
> > Making it easier to get airflow through the PDP-11 cabinets makes it
> > much easier to get heat out of the room. Even at that, A/C can find it
> Air Conditioners are not common in private houses in the UK. They do
> exist, but I only know one person to have one.
As I know all too well from my trip to Hampshire last July. Your summer
is nothing like our weather in July. Everyone in the UK could use a
nice old warm computer to take the chill off. :)

> > hard to keep up in the warmer months. This time of year is when I can
> > actually think of running the system for a period of time without it
> > getting too hot, or costing a fortune to cool. It already costs a
> > fortune just to run.
> If you have electric heating anyway, then it shouldn't make much
> difference to the overall electricity bill, surely...
Well, a heat pump (an air conditioner that runs in reverse) does work a
little more efficiently than TTL logic for heating the house. My
biggest problem is coming up with a way to duct the heat from the 11/70
to the rest of the house. It still seems that I end up with the heat on
in the house, and the windows open in the room with the 11/70.

Doug Carman
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