hard-sector 5 1/4 disk

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Date: Mon Oct 29 21:20:56 2001

I can't name a machine that did, but I know some CP/M boxes used them. So
that excludes Kaypro, ATR8000, ATR8500, SuperBrain, Morrow MDx, Osborne,
Xerox 820-II, Commodore 128, and IBM PC. All run CP/M and none use hard
sectored disks.

I do know that lots of drive controllers use the index hole of
soft-sectored disks to time the disk's rotation in order to determine
which type drive is running on it. 92/180/320/720k disks rotate at 300rpm
and 'high-density' drives like 77track 8' hd and your standard 1.44mb
floppy drives rotate at 360rpm. Some drives by other makers run at odd
speeds. Atari 8-bit drives generally run at 288rpm and this makes a
difference esp when reading copy-protected disks.



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>Anybody ever see anything that uses hard sector 5 1/4 disks? I've only
>ever seen one in my lifetime - just curious if they were ever used
>anywhere else (the one I saw was used to load microcode into a mainframe

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