Dec & Sun stuff available in Houston TX

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 23:12:48 2001

Sridhar, there is a whole bunch of stuff sometime soon that
I will give away, especially in preparation of other things
I'm hoping to get from Houston. And there may be other things
in Houston that you could have right from there. Stay tuned.
Big iron is coming up :-)


One Without Reason wrote:

> Awww. I wanted it.
> Peace... Sridhar
> On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Gunther Schadow wrote:
>>David, top, here is someone who wants the PDP-8 stuff and
>>RK05 (all DEC) and I can organize pick-up through a friend
>>in Houston.
>>David Williams wrote:
>>>I have just spent the last few weeks living a computer collector's
>>>nightmare.... moving. The entire collection had to be packed up,
>>>loaded, moved and unloaded. The good part is I now have a larger
>>>place and I'm taking the time to organize and get a better, newer
>>>inventory. During which I've decided to pass along some things I
>>>have extras of or will never get around to working with. There is
>>>more to come but I'll start off with some of the larger items.
>>>Item 1 - DEC PDP-8 stuff. Two card cages with various boards (not
>>>sure what all is in there at the moment), power distribution strip,
>>>and two RK05 drives. I think I have a PDP-8A front panel that went
>>>with all of it here too. All is in unknown condition. I thought I'd
>>>have time to try and do something with all this once but I know now
>>>I won't.
>>>Item 2 - Sun 3/50. System plus two 19" monitors, 2 keyboards
>>>and a mouse. Unknown condition.
>>>Item 3 - Box of various Sun OS tapes.
>>>If you have something you'd like to trade me I'll be happy to
>>>consider it but otherwise they're free for pick up in Houston TX. I
>>>often drive up to Austin (doing so this weekend in fact) and might
>>>be convinced to tote them along but can't promise. If nobody
>>>wants them then it's off to the local scrapper I guess.
>>>Other stuff available soon as I sort through all these systems and
>>> "What is, is what?"
>>> "When the mind is free of any thought or judgement,
>>> then and only then can we know things as they are."
>>>David Williams - Computer Packrat
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