An Organization (was: Do we have a VAX organization?)

From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <>
Date: Tue Oct 30 01:01:21 2001

On Sun, 28 Oct 2001, Gunther Schadow wrote:

> I think this can start with a web site. [...]
> Another question is if this should not be a DEC/VAX only group but
> rather a vintage computer stuff group, like Sellam Ismail's site.

I think that what is needed most is an international organization that
covers *all* vintage computers, software, and docs. We need something
that's implemented well enough that most of us would be convinced to join.
The best starting point I can think of is Sellam's VCF organization:

* He already has one of the largest inventories of us all. That's a good
  start towards a "Noah's ark" collection, which I think should be one
  function of the organization.

* He's got, which would be a primo domain name for the

* He's got, which would be the fundraising part of the
  organization. Dues could be another.

* He's got experience running VCFs.

Of course, Sellam would have to be interested in being the organization's
fearless leader!

Other things the organiztion could do:

* A central, Yahoo-like web site that would become the world's foremost
  resource for vintage computer information. It would try to replicate
  all available information for preservation. Individual members would
  also be given a mechanism to have their collection hosted on the site
  under a uniform interface. Those who resist assimilation could still
  have their sites linked to. You could get to info either by
  collector name or a category/manufacturer/series/model tree. It would
  be wonderful...

* SIGs would, of course, solidify according to demand. I imagine the VAX
  SIG (VSIG?) would be quite well represented. Each SIG could have its
  own mailing list. The whole thing would be not unlike the FreeBSD
  mailing list system.

* Rename itself from VCF to IVCA. "International Vintage Computing
  Association" to outsiders, "International Vintage Computing Asylum"
  for insiders. :-)

* I don't know... other stuff.

As you can see, I'm all about grandiose ideas. Now won't someone rise up
and implement them? :-)

Jeffrey S. Sharp
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