Classic Gaming OT and OT / Re: OT: Playstation 2 opinion?

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue Oct 30 17:31:53 2001

> > Iggy Drougge wrote:
>> > A computer with just an RS-232 connection to the outside world
>> > just isn't as interesting, IMO.
>> Ahh, but put a fast modem on that RS232, and with the internet,
>> it's a whole ( brave ) new world.
>I think Iggy was talking about a computer without its own keyboard and
>video display, just a serial port which you connect a (dumb) terminal to.
>Like many of the minicomputers I have around here.

        Plenty of interesting games could still be run from such a
configuration though, whether it be one of the many versions of 'Star
Trek' or 'Lunar Lander'. Of course, one generally does more with a
DPS-6 or other mini than play 'Adventure'!

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