From: Chris Tribo <ctribo_at_del.net>
Date: Wed Oct 31 00:14:25 2001

on 10/30/01 5:45 PM, One Without Reason at vance_at_ikickass.org wrote:

> I was told at one time that work had begun on MIPS/VMS just before DEC's
> abandonment of the DECstation line in favor of Alpha. Does anyone (maybe
> a current Compaq employee) know where in some dark corner the sources
> might be found?

    This is most likely not correct. Someone probably has VMS mixed up with
OSF/1. DEC began developing OSF/1 on the MIPS DECstations before it's
transference to Alpha. I have been told that MIPS support remained in the
source tree for OSF/1 up until version 4.0a(then renamed to Digial Unix?).
Though I have never bothered to look into it. If you search port-pmax you
might find a thread from a year or two ago on this subject.

    It is entirely possible that DEC was working on MIPS VMS, but that would
mean that they were writing/maintaining three different operating systems
for the same hardware platform, (MIPS) at the same time.

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