Apple II accelerator and Micromodem II questions

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Date: Wed Oct 31 01:11:58 2001

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> Subject: Apple II accelerator and Micromodem II questions
> I have what looks like an accelerator board for an Apple II. Looks
> like a Saturn Systems Inc. Accelerator II. Has a 65c02c and 64 K
> of ram on board. Anyone have any info on this? Doc? What the
> jumper settings are (there is an 8 switch jumper block on it) or any
> software needed to use it?

I have a manual for it around here somewhere, I'll see what I can dig up.
> This system also has a Micromodem II in it but no doc or the
> interface from the board to the phone plug. Anyone have a spare
> plug or the pin outs to make one?

You need the coupler box for this, which isn't easy to find. It's a black
plastic box that plugs into the card, and has a phone jack on the front.


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