VAX 6400's futile attempts to booting Ultrix 4.1, still some progress ...

From: Paul Thompson <>
Date: Wed Oct 31 08:16:14 2001

On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Gunther Schadow wrote:

> Hi,
> Another alternative is to set up an "InfoServer"
> VAX station with a CD ROM and an Ultrix CD of a
> post 4.1 version. Is this something someone has available?
> May be in the area or something one could set up
> accessible through the Internet (a 36 kbps modem line,
> ahem...) Once I have Ultrix up on one machine I can
> help others to do the same. If not by writing a boot
> tape by ...

I have an infoserver 100. Unfortunately, the infoserver uses a local area
protocol which would require bridging rather than routing to get to you.
I don't have vax ultrix.

> ... here is another option how a good soul could help
> me get going: If you have an Ultrix 4.2 or higher
> running on an RA disk, I would appreciate a disk image.
> That I should be able to raw write to another RA90
> (or RA82) using VMS and then boot from that disk.
> Just make sure there is a GENERIC kernel on the disk
> image. I still don't have a KFMSA, so RF disk images
> would not help me. Except, perhaps, if someone has
> Ultrix 4.2 or higher running and some spare disks
> to tinker with, I might be able to fiddle a generic
> disk image that could be installed on any disk.

A vax ultrix image from any disk smaller than your RA82 should work with
your machine provided there is a generic kernel. I have taken dd image of
(mips) ultrix from a RZ55 and RF71 and placed it on a IBM 0661 400mb disk
drive and had it work. (All through a DSSI/SCSI interface, at that)

Incidentally, what utility did you use for raw writing with VMS?

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