Emulex Qbus Disk controller? (Need help identifying this one)

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Wed Oct 31 14:59:52 2001

Search on Emulex QD24 and you'll be rewarded with the information that it
is an Emulex MSCP ESDI disk controller. Which can be just as useful as a
SCSI card since finding a couple of 300MB ESDI drives shouldn't be too
hard. I think I've got a 170MB one laying about somewhere.
Kirk Davis (kdb_at_ndx.net) mentioned he had some SCSI controllers he was
thinking about trading for PDP-11 gear. Also I just missed a lot that had
about 10 Dilog SCSI controllers on it at a local scrap/bid place (had I
known I would have bid more than the $75 it went for :-() my interest was
in the more mundane things like a couple of DSSI ID plugs and an external
DSSI disk expansion box.


At 11:32 AM 10/31/01, you wrote:

>I'm trying to bring up NetBSD on a Vax 4000/300, and so I'm
>looking for a MSCP SCSI disk controller. After going through
>my stack of Qbus boards (collected from hamfests, etc.) I came across
>one that looks like it might be a SCSI controller... unfortunately,
>I haven't been able to confirm it, since a google search turns up
>very little on it (a bad sign...sigh) The board is labeled:
>"Emulex Corp QD2410401-02 rev F"
>It has 3 connectors and a DIP switch on the front plate. The
>connectors appear to be of the SCSI-2 form factor. Has anyone
>run across this critter before, or tried it with NetBSD? Come
>to think of it, Is this even SCSI, or something else
>entirely? Also, does anyone know where their might be some
>on-line docs for it, or at least a description of the DIP switch settings...
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