VAX 6400's futile attempts to booting Ultrix 4.1, still some progress ...

From: Lord Isildur <>
Date: Wed Oct 31 15:19:20 2001

 the 4.2 sources are on cmuccvax, in /usr2/dec-source/ultrix4.2
i dont know the details involved in making an ultrix boot tape.. The
filesystem ill put up an image of will be a 4.4/vax install... i suppose if
one had the special kernel (well, to get / from tape) and the tape boot
blocks, and knew what had to go into that / filesystem image, etc, one
could make the boto tape from an ultrix environment, or certainly from
the sources, or maybe even from a boot cd (i have a 4.4/vax cd)..


On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Gunther Schadow wrote:
> Thanks Isildur. Could you also put all the 4.2 sources over on
> cmuccvax? I have copied the kernel sources last night, but
> not all of it. I'm assuming that there is a way to rebuild a
> complete file set for a tape from sources. Do you know? If so,
> I can make myself a 4.2 boot tape.
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