hard-sector 5 1/4 disk

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Date: Wed Oct 31 20:12:58 2001

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>>> And then there are these freaky 3" disks I have for an Amstrad I once
>>> owned.....

>>Nice, aren't they?

>But why al that extra space? The disc can't be oval, so why the
>rectangular case?

I kinda wondered myself. Maybe the disks originally weren't intended to
FULLY insert into the drive but to hang out a ways for easier grasping?
They are 'flippy' disks so the designers probably anticipated a fair
amount of swapping.

The plastic band that pulls the metal shield back does need the full
travel to reveal the disk.

All in all, these seem much more rugged than the standard that won.


Jeffrey S. Worley
Asheville, NC USA
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