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From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Wed Oct 31 21:01:24 2001

>Either you knew something about this allready and forgot or are just darn

        Years ago I had heard rumors of their being a way of running
CP/M on the drive itself with the onboard Z80 but I was never able to
get any concrete infomation on it and I never bothered to open one of
them up, since both of mine do work, to verify that they had a Z80 as
part of the controller.

>The Indus GT disk drive was made for; of course the Atari8bit, and I think
>the Apple II and C64 machines.

        Yes, those are the platforms that I recall seeing them for.
 From the outside, they appeared identical to me other than the I/O

> Rana Systems became Indus which later became Future Systems.

        I didn't know that Rana and Indus were one and the same.

>The Indus GT had a non-standard, belt-driven 1/2 height mechanism.
>Allmost all the electronics driving the mech were located on the Indus
>controller board mounted beneath. The controller had it's OWN Z-80
>processor and some ram. I think something like 2k. You could add a 64k
>CP/M adapter card to a pinedge connector on the controller. I never saw
>this board in person, but that it existed at least in proto form is
>certain. Later Indus and Future systems GT's omitted the cp/m board
>connector but the pads were still there. There was quite a bit of talk
>about it back in the day. An Indus owner could get CP/M without having to
>buy an ATR8000 to do it. I think the Indus CP/M module was going to cost
>something like $149.00 - $199.00 vs a 64k ATR8000 at $400.00 plus.

        That's pretty cool. Regardless of just how well it worked,
it'd be interesting to see it done at least once. I wonder if the
console I/O was directed to the screen I/O of the Atari 8bit?

>Frankly, I think the Atari 810, and 1050 were the only bulletproof drives
>made for the Atari 8 bits.

        The 810 I like, especially with the additional speed of the
Happy upgrade. Without it, the 810 certainly is a slow and noisy
beast! The 1050 I've never been a big fan of, though none of mine
ever got upgraded to true DD.

>The only third-party Controller worth it's salt I've owned (and still do)
>is Bob Puff's FloppyBoard for the Black Box. It is the end-all-be-all
>enhancement for the Atari 8-bit and is just as reliable as a 1050 while
>being able to use 3.5" high-density mechs. Course anything Bob made or
>sold was awesome.

        Does Bob still do anything? Other than in conversations
about his older stuff, I've not heard his name mentioned in a while.

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