Yet Another Board Cleaning Thread

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sat Sep 1 15:49:58 2001

From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <>
>First, let's talk about fluids. It's been a while since I took a
>chemistry class. Questions:
>* Is there no difference between 'isopropanol', 'isopropyl alcohol', and
> 'propan-2-ol'?

I supect local naming conventions for Isopropanol Alcohol.

>* Are there any better fluids (methanol?) for certain situations?

Methanol is to be avoided, very flamable.

>* Can I find these at a hardware store?


>* Is there anything I should look out for when using those fluids? That
> is, is there anything (glue?) they can damage?

Yes!!! Glues vary is solvency and solvents used so any one can
be problmatic.


Many of the older (gray silicon plastic packages) are more liable to
by agressive solvents. Water is the safest, generally.

>My most important question deals with core stacks. Most of the board
>(0) Leave the two board assembleds; disassembly would likely cause
> breakage.

Should not if done with care.

>(1) Blow canned air over the assembly and through the inter-board space.

NO! the pressure could beak those fragile wires.

>(2) Dip and swish the assembly in isopropyl alcohol.

Likely ok, with great care to avoid putting mechanical forces on the
core wires.

>(3) Blow air over the boards with an unheated hair dryer or more canned
> air.

NO.. NO, NOOOOOOOO! canned air can be high pressure and Blowdryer
is a risk for FIRE. Isopropanol is flammable and both the motor(brushes)
and the heater are risk for sparks.

Cleaning core is difficult due to the great fragility and the problem
the solder points for the wires can be weaker than the wire due to
corrosion {possible environmental} and the stripping methods that may
have been used to remove the insulating coating. More often than not
 the actual core mat is a cleaner location with plastic covers and the
like. The latter suggests disassembly of the core stack to observe
the condition and cleanliness as compared to the external boards
(drivers and sense amps).

Use care.

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