Nabu Computers Available...

From: Mike Kenzie <>
Date: Mon Sep 3 09:28:40 2001

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Subject: Nabu Computers Available...

> This might be of interest to somebody here (hopefully)...
> Surplus Traders ( currently has 35 Nabu computers for
> a pop, plus shipping. Normally they do bulk sales, but they will
> the Nabu individually. (Search for item CR356.)
> I picked one up a while ago, and mine was still 'new', in the box,
> a factory seal. Then again, since this surplus, it might be best to
> verify that the units are 'new' if that's important to you.

Can you post some picutures. I have a machine that the owner
mentioned was built by John kelly. My unit looks like it has tape
drives on the front (8 track?) and a serial port and baud rate switch
on the back. There are no labels or numbers on the outside of the box
so I'm thinking it was a prototype or unit build for internal
purposes. Last summer I had picked up a few prototype machines from
Bull before They were bought out by REBEL and are now bankrupt.
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