Yet Another Board Cleaning Thread

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Mon Sep 3 10:44:29 2001

Core memory is woven with insulated wire. Dust should NOT be a factor.

There are some nasty dust-bunnies living in some of my core stacks, and the
core seems to like it that way. If its not broken, don't fix it!

"Jeffrey S. Sharp" wrote:

> > > G616. Holding the board up to light and peering into the space
> > > between the two boards, I can see quite a few dust clumps.
> >
> > And this might effect the operation how?
> Who knows... There's no telling what's actually *in* those clumps. I know
> nothing of the environment(s?) in which the machine was stored. It's
> possible that there could be something conductive in there.
> --
> Jeffrey S. Sharp
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