8032-SK repairs again

From: Adrian Vickers <avickers_at_solutionengineers.com>
Date: Tue Sep 4 19:44:29 2001

Hi all,

If you're wondering why I've gone quite on the 8032SK front, it's because
I'm busy digesting lots of digital electronics books :) I'm surprised at
how much I still remember from my school/polytech days - not to mention how
much I've forgotten! And why is it two's complement seems so easy now,
wheras it used to be so difficult? Weird...

Anyway, another PET related question: I've got 4 of the things now, and all
of them suffer from wobbly screens to some extent; the oldest (PET 2001) is
the least affected somehow....

Aside: Tony mentioned this is probably the electrolytic(s) drying up, and
that I should get an ESR meter (good idea, now that I know what one does);
I think I'll get a kit one - more soldering practice :). Hmm. Back to the

Each PET has a huge electrolytic next to the transformer marked "23000mF".
Even given the can size, I assume they mean micro-F as opposed to milli-F;
but 23000uF seems to be impossible to get, should I replace with a 22000uF
or a 33000uF, both of which are readily available?

Also, do other non-electrolytic caps degrade - if so, would it be worth
replacing *all* the caps on old kit like this? Even so, is it worth
replacing all the electrolytic caps as a precaution, or should I just wait
impatiently for the ESR meter and only replace the suspect ones?

And finally: I bought a "Tip tinner/cleaner" block, and now my soldering
iron works a treat!

Thanks guys, for rekindling my latent interest in "real" electronics!

B-Racing: B where it's at :-)
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