Finds in Bristol

From: John Honniball <>
Date: Wed Sep 5 09:21:14 2001

Picked up a copy of Peter Norton's "Inside the IBM PC" the
other day, in a charity shop. It's the fourth edition and
covers the PS/2s as well as the true PCs.

Also got an IEEE-488 card (PC Elite from Brain Boxes) for
the PC ISA bus. Now, the card's too new to mention (1996),
but it drives the HP 7550 nicely, and I'll try it on the HP
1980B (digitally-controlled analog scope) next. But the
real weirdness is that the software for the card (d/l off
the Web) includes a program to transfer data from Commodore
PET disks to the PC! Must give that a try sometime, too.

John Honniball
University of the West of England
Received on Wed Sep 05 2001 - 09:21:14 BST

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