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From: Gordon Zaft <zaft_at_azstarnet.com>
Date: Wed Sep 5 00:48:02 2001

At 06:40 PM 9/4/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Which technology was that???
>The last time I remember DEC inventing anything fairly current was when they
>came up with the VAX. That was 25 years ago. Everything they sold was the
>OLDEST technology they could get and still foist of on the unwary
>buyer. They'd
>NEVER have used anything as up-to-date as what Intel pushes, not that it's the

         Um, I'm sure this is a troll, but still -- DEC was a leader in
Ethernet implementation; in SCSI; in RISC (Alpha). VMS was the first to
have true clustering, a technology that is still largely unequaled
elsewhere. DEC's FORTRAN implementation was a leader for many years, and
is still excellent.

         How's that?

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