Apple ][ disk controller state machine

From: Sean Gugler <>
Date: Wed Sep 5 01:12:00 2001

Until I get my hands on a copy of the venerable "Beneath Apple Dos"
is there anyone who can point me to an online resource describing the
Apple ][ disk controller P6 ROM state machine? The exact uses
for the Q6 and Q7 switches ($C0EC-$C0EF)? Or would be willing to
summarize from the mighty tome for me?

Sorry to bungie post (I'm a brand new list member as of right now),
it's not my normal habit, but web searches are failing me for this
particular info. The nearest I've found [1] is a bit too cryptic
without supplementary descriptions.

          - Sean, Apple //e (enhanced) owner

Sean Gugler ("Dr. Guz")
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