DRV11-WA manual

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Wed Sep 5 09:34:35 2001

I, BTW, have, once again, run onto my copy of the DRV11-WA user manual. I
haven't got time or inclination to scan this document at the moment, but if
someone is willing to scan and publish this document where everyone can get at
it, I'll happily provide the document (8-1/2"x11") for such purpose for the cost
of postage.


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Subject: DRV11-WA manual

> Well thanks to Doug Taylor who lent me one, thanks to Zane who tried
> Acrobat 5.0, the users guide for the DRV11-WA is now online as a PDF file
> at the House of VAX. The specific URL is
> <http://www.mcmanis.com/chuck/computers/vaxen/boards.htm> (click on the
> link for the DRV11-WA. Now to get the Dilog manuals up.
> --Chuck
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