Noisy LAN (was RE: HP & Compaq)

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Fri Sep 7 09:38:50 2001

! It would have helped if the installers (before my time)
! hadn't wire-tied the cat 5 runs to the nearest 110v A/C
! lines... three-foot parallel runs, in fact...
! and management refuses to believe we need to re-cable..
! I was even threatened by my supervisor-at-the-time and
! told not to bring it up again, as it would be a 5-digit
! refit cost.

        Oooof, that bites. Knowing me, I probably would mention it again,
then once my boss reprimands me for it, I'd be up in HR (or the Big Boss)
getting him tossed for being a (insert adjective of choice) moron... it's
good he's gone now.
        Time to pitch the re-wire job...

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