recent acquisitions for the House of VAX

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 00:57:33 2001

I got a great bunch of artifacts recently from an ex-Digit (DEC Employee)
who was finally not going to use his VAX for anything else any more.

These included:
        A set a PAKs that rivals the Hobbyist offering
        and exceeds it in that it has a PL/I and APL PAK.

        Several RRD40 caddys and a couple of the SCSI version
        of the RRD40 (I'm on the look out for the non-SCSI
        version, will trade one for one!)

        A VAXServer 3100/M48 (yet another one I didn't have
        yet.) with all the option cards (multi-serial, DMF32,

        A bunch of manuals, including the VT103 users guide
        and a bunch of VAX 11/730 manuals (including the CPU
        technical manual!)

        An Ultrix-32 Condist for VAX (v3.0)

        Three VMS Condists (5.2, 6.0, and 6.1)

        Cables for various things.

        Some RTL replacement parts for the PDP-5 !!!!

        Bits of ephemera from the DEC hey day (VAX brochures,
        DECUS disks, etc)

        Some more docs
                Available for trade:
                  TU58 Technical Manual
                  TU58 User's Guide
                  RL02 User's Guide
                  RL01/RL02 manual

        Some DECConnect stuff and a crimping tool with about
        20 MMJ "heads"

Lots of little detail parts that are so hard to come by when you need them.

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