symphony for dot matrix printers

From: Gene Buckle <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 02:26:15 2001

> I used one of these networks in 1982/83 with, just as you
> said, a single master and 16 slave machines. It was built around a
> Model III with 48k and dual disk drives as the master while the other
> machines were all 16k cassette-based. We mainly used it just to load
> programs from disk to the cassette-based machines. I don't recall
> having a printer connected to it or using the master machine for
> saving stuff from the slave machines. It worked pretty well though.
> Anyone know just what additional stuff was needed to do it?

>From what I've been told, the system was designed by Tony Pepin. This is
kind of neat for me since at one time I owned (and may still, I'm not sure
*grin*) a Model I that had his name, address and phone # engraved on the
case. (I also owned a Model I that at one time was the personal machine
of the editor of 80 US Micro - that was pretty cool too. *laughs*)

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