symphony for dot matrix printers

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 09:33:50 2001

>From what I've been told, the system was designed by Tony Pepin. This is
>kind of neat for me since at one time I owned (and may still, I'm not sure
>*grin*) a Model I that had his name, address and phone # engraved on the
>case. (I also owned a Model I that at one time was the personal machine
>of the editor of 80 US Micro - that was pretty cool too. *laughs*)

        That's's always neat to know any specific history
of a machine like that. One of my Model 2000's was gotten from Roy
Soltoff of Misosys. He had bought it to get into software
development for the 2000 but then ended up never using it when the
market never materialized.

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