Some new stuff. What is it?

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 06:05:09 2001

For those of you in Portland, OR, the Wacky Willy's on NW Vaughn St.
has a LOT of cool stuff. A bunch of Macs and PC's(including several
large Compaq servers with either 486 or 586 and lots of HD's... Might
go back and get one myself for $100) and TONS of furniture of the odd
kind. Seems that OHSU has turned the place into their new dumping
grounds. Sadly, the Macs were all missing the hard drive, and most of
the PC's have either been wiped or stripped of drives also. Lots of
Anyway, I picked up some odd parts as well as an Epson HX-20 with an
expansion unit and micro-cassette drive cartridge and a cute plastic
carrying case. I should be able to figure it out easily, and my PX-8
finally has a companion!
The item that really stumps me appears to be a terminal of some sort.
It's in a very small box (6x8x1) and has a Z180 in it, next to a
large(160 pin) unmarked chip. It has VGA video, DIN-5 keyboard,
parallel printer, and two RJ-style(6 pins, and an offset clip) COM
ports. It needs a small headphone plug for power with 12v, so I need
to dig out my crappy universal power supply and see what blows
up(I've noticed that it tends to put out a few extra volts... 12v
setting is usually 18v with no load and closer to 13-15 with small
loads) The only markings are on the edge of the board and on the
EPROMs. The board says "01000117 REV.01 MAGPIE SSPC" and the EPROMs
say "6086 7/6 1600 EL 0" and "EL 1" for the next chip. As soon as I
can find my power wart I'll post an update about the size of the
flames spitting out of it ;-) (NOOooooo! Come back magic smoke!!!)

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