Some new stuff. What is it?

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 06:42:00 2001

OK, maybe it's not...
I found the power supply. No smoke or flames. Not much of anything.
The green LED turns on when I plug in the power, but the entire
thing(including my power cube) goes dead when I plug in the monitor.
It might need a special monitor. It DOES, however, respond to the
keyboard. Caps, num and scroll locks all function and those lights
blink twice when the power is turned on and then it bleeps at me. I
guess the next step is to plug a printer into it and see what
happens, but I probably won't get around to digging out a parallel
printer until next week.

BTW, my power supply is getting worse. The 7.5v setting puts out
12.5, and the 12v setting puts out 22!!! Ouch! I'm thinking it's time
to get another one. Or better, make one. A nice regulated supply. I
don't think it harmed the box though, since it has a voltage
regulator right inside.
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