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From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Sat Sep 8 14:59:21 2001

> Have you brought up an interim fix - either clip the ties and support the
> cat5 bundle off the conduits? OR untie it, wrap the bundles with common
> aluminum foil (yeah it works) and then retie them using looser cable ties?
> Might be a nice way to pick up a few extra bucks on a weekend and make them
> happy at the same time.

I've brought in consultants offering to do everything from a
similar temporary fix to a complete re-wire.... but there's
no acknowledgement on the part of said former supervisor
who is also the closet thing we have to a comptroller that we
actually have a problem. He said to drop it until I could
PROVE the wiring wss the problem, and however that might be
done would likely require resources I don't have.

Said former supervisor and the 30% co-owner make all final
determinations as to what $$$ can be spent purely on cash-flow
and profitability... ideas such as IT-spending-as-investment
are total anathema.

Most IT spending gets done during the end-of-year-write-it-
off-as-supplies spending orgy.

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