HP & Compaq

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblakeman_at_kih.net>
Date: Sat Sep 8 16:09:37 2001

Make syou wonder why they hired you based on skills and experience huh? Been
through the same myself and finally told them to get bent and went into
business for myself. Now when a client argues that my suggestion or fix is
BS, I simply write out the bill for the time spent and leave them to do it
again with someone else. They generally stop me before the door or are
calling me shortly after the next guy (at twice my fees) tells them the same
thing. They could go with the next guy but then they calculate time against
fees and my experience over #2 and I generally have no further problems with
said client again in the future.

One of my past employers did the same to me, they ended up going with an
expensive contractor to correct the problems instead of in-house while I was
there so they blew about 6x what it should have cost in-house, even if they
paid me overtime for weekends. Of course the contractor took their time too
so the end cost was way up there. Needless to say the GM there noticed my
written suggestion while they were in the process of this contracted
overhaul and the IS manager is now working for someone else - not at $900 wk
but at $490 wk. Still too much for what the jerk does in my opinion, he does
less than the warehouse people at $250 wk.

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-> > Have you brought up an interim fix - either clip the ties and
-> support the
-> > cat5 bundle off the conduits? OR untie it, wrap the bundles with common
-> > aluminum foil (yeah it works) and then retie them using looser
-> cable ties?
-> > Might be a nice way to pick up a few extra bucks on a weekend
-> and make them
-> > happy at the same time.
-> I've brought in consultants offering to do everything from a
-> similar temporary fix to a complete re-wire.... but there's
-> no acknowledgement on the part of said former supervisor
-> who is also the closet thing we have to a comptroller that we
-> actually have a problem. He said to drop it until I could
-> PROVE the wiring wss the problem, and however that might be
-> done would likely require resources I don't have.
-> Said former supervisor and the 30% co-owner make all final
-> determinations as to what $$$ can be spent purely on cash-flow
-> and profitability... ideas such as IT-spending-as-investment
-> are total anathema.
-> Most IT spending gets done during the end-of-year-write-it-
-> off-as-supplies spending orgy.
-> -dq
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