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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 17:41:55 2001

>> Yes it does, however I am dearly afraid that with HP and Compaq doing the
>> dance that the lore of such things will be permanently lost at some point.
>> If Compaq would just say "screw it, the next time someone requests a
>> license give them a non-expiring one." my heart would rest easier...
>Do you mean you are worried the Hobbyist program will go away?

I've been worried about it for several years. What ticks me off is you can
buy a Hobbyist package from Compaq for Tru64, and it has non-expiring
packs, and CD's. Why can't they do that for OpenVMS? I'd gladly pay
$200-300 for that! Which is a lot more than the $99 for Tru64. The real
joke being the Tru64 hobbyist shipped for the first couple weeks with an
OpenVMS Condist bundled in (someone made a major mistake)! Unfortunatly I
wasn't lucky enough to get one, but a friend did.

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