IEEE-488 interface and Commodore Pet

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 20:35:24 2001

On Sep 8, 13:51, Louis Schulman wrote:
> I have done some research, and since this subject seems to only interest
me, I will respond to myself.

> I see no alternate but to appeal to my British brethren regarding any
such card they may find in
> their travels. Tony, Pete, et al, I beseech you! To each of you I say,
"Hast thou a response?"

Not a very helpful one, I'm afraid. I actually visited Brain Boxes not
long after they moved to Wavertree Technology Park, and at that time they
had a respectable portfolio of IEEE-488 devices, and I noticed a few PETs
and other machines around. That was over ten years ago and even then they
were looking at other product areas. I've never had any contact with them
since, so unless you can get any response from them direct, I haven't any

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