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From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Sat Sep 8 22:25:40 2001

> >> Yes it does, however I am dearly afraid that with HP and Compaq doing the
> >> dance that the lore of such things will be permanently lost at some point.
> >> If Compaq would just say "screw it, the next time someone requests a
> >> license give them a non-expiring one." my heart would rest easier...
> >
> >Do you mean you are worried the Hobbyist program will go away?
> I've been worried about it for several years. What ticks me off is you can
> buy a Hobbyist package from Compaq for Tru64, and it has non-expiring
> packs, and CD's. Why can't they do that for OpenVMS? I'd gladly pay
> $200-300 for that! Which is a lot more than the $99 for Tru64. The real
> joke being the Tru64 hobbyist shipped for the first couple weeks with an
> OpenVMS Condist bundled in (someone made a major mistake)! Unfortunatly I
> wasn't lucky enough to get one, but a friend did.

I was one of the lucky ones to get the OpenVMS ConDist after ordering the
Tru64 Hobbyist package. The package wasn't just the ConDist, it also
included PAKs. The package was for people in the developer's program.
Eric Dittman
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