recent acquisitions for the House of VAX

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 03:49:56 2001

Chuck McManis wrote:
> A VAXServer 3100/M48 (yet another one I didn't have
> yet.) with all the option cards (multi-serial, DMF32,
> etc)

I don't think a DMF-32 will even physically
fit in a VAXserver/VAXstation 3100: it's a UNIBUS
card! You probably have a DSH32 and/or DST32.

> A bunch of manuals, including the VT103 users guide
> and a bunch of VAX 11/730 manuals (including the CPU
> technical manual!)

It would be nice to see this scanned and made
available (especially the VAX-11/730 stuff).

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