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From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 03:55:22 2001

Jerome Fine wrote:
> I could probably use the TU58 manuals, however, I would
> rather see them
> sent to someone who will scan them and make them available to
> everyone.

I've already scanned the TU58 user manual
and if it's not already on its way to DFWCUG
it soon will be (for some suitable value of

> Since I have only RT-11/PDP-11 hardware stuff, what might help? What
> about a set of out of print RT-11 DOCs? As far as I know, these are
> allowed to be reproduced since they are no longer available?

I know someone was trying to get Mentec
to give permission for certain manuals
to be made available. If this has already
been done, then point me to something
from Mentec that says it's OK and
your wish may be granted.

> Can these be
> scanned as well?

They can certainly be scanned. Can they
legally be made available?

> Also, I hope to soon receive an 11/73 manual? Could this
> also be scanned?

Easily! In fact, as long as it's not
available from COMPAQ, years ago DEC
gave (almost) blanket permission for
anything pre-1985(?) to be made available.

> I realize that it is great to have our own copies of these
> manuals, but I am
> now hoping that they can all be scanned and thereby preserved
> before that
> is no longer possible.

You do know about the DFWCUG scanning project?
Pointers to them (and a bunch of other
individuals doing the same sort of thing)
can be found at .

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