Anyone want an 11/750 & 11/730 out of New Jersey?

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Date: Mon Sep 10 06:47:14 2001

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> Hi,
> I have a contact who needs to get rid of a VAX 11/750 and an
> 11/730 real soon and they are in Sommerset County, New Jersey.
> A picker-upper would be preferred. There is also an HP 3000/48.
> Let me know who wants them and can pick up. If there is contention,
> I think one should try sharing, so let me know which one you
> really really badly want if you have to choose.

Please let me know. Would love to get a hold of a 750 :-) I can find homes
for the others as well if nobody else shows an interest here. I am also
fairly close by in eastern PA.

-Linc Fessenden

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