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From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 07:25:15 2001

> > >Of course a PAK generator solves the problem of missing PAKs
> > quite nicely.
> >
> > Yes it does, however I am dearly afraid that with HP and
> > Compaq doing the
> > dance that the lore of such things will be permanently lost
> > at some point.
> AFAIK, the PAKGEN program that third parties
> were allowed to purchase would only
> generate PAKs in the name of that
> third party. So simply having PAKGEN
> would not allow you to generate DEC PAKs!

True, and PAKGEN was only available to run on a VAX, not an
Alpha, so you had to keep a VAX around.

> OTOH several people reverse-engineered
> the PAK checksum and at least one
> company were selling a PAKGEN-like service
> until they were "leaned on".

Reverse engineering is what most people did. I know of one
company still selling a PAK generator, but like PAKGEN it
only lets you generate PAKs for your own products.

Was the company that was stopped selling a PAK generator or
were they selling generated PAKs? If they were selling a
PAK generator I don't see how they could be stopped.
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