DOS 1.0 copyright string

From: Cini, Richard <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 08:37:26 2001

Hello, all:

        I was able to get my hands on the two DOS 1.0 disks. So, I spent a
few minutes with Sourcer and a good hex editor in search of the DR copyright
notice. I didn't find it.

        Maybe I misunderstood the timing of the message, but I thought that
the 1.0 version of DOS contained copyright information from Digital Research
and when IBM found out, they compelled MS to expunge it, resulting in the
1.1 version.

        The file dates are as follows:

c:\>dir a:
 Volume in drive A is 3COM53_D1
 Volume Serial Number is 11DC-3A5E

 Directory of A:\

07/23/81 12:00a 1,920 IBMBIO.COM ***
08/04/81 12:00a 3,231 COMMAND.COM ***
08/13/81 12:00a 6,400 IBMDOS.COM ***
09/10/01 09:28a 66,235 COMMAND.LST
09/10/01 09:27a 4,374 IBMBIO.SDF
09/10/01 09:28a 143,874 IBMDOS.LST
09/10/01 09:28a 16,231 IBMDOS.SDF
09/10/01 09:27a 25,780 IBMBIO.LST
09/10/01 09:28a 10,141 COMMAND.SDF
               9 File(s) 278,186 bytes
                              1,177,088 bytes free

        The files are all dated before the PC's release. I find it
interesting that the file date for DOS proper was one week before the PC
announcement. Microsoft tweaking until the last minute.

        IBMBIO contains only a revision mark and no copyright notice. IBMDOS
contains a header common to all versions of DOS ("M;S<>=~KRAA") and no
copyright notice. COMMAND contains a copyright message which is the one
probably displayed upon execution:

        The IBM Personal Computer DOS
        Version 1.00
        (C)Copyright IBM Corp 1981
        Licensed Material - Program Property of IBM

        So, where did I go wrong??


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