DOS 1.0 copyright string

From: Stan Sieler <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 12:28:24 2001

> Maybe I misunderstood the timing of the message, but I thought that
> the 1.0 version of DOS contained copyright information from Digital Research
> and when IBM found out, they compelled MS to expunge it, resulting in the
> 1.1 version.

Perhaps I missed something earlier, but my recollection was that
DOS 1.1 differed from DOS 1.0 in that 1.1 supported double sided
floppies, and 1.0 didn't. (Yes, you could get an unofficial patch
for 1.0 that added double sided support, but the mechanism it used
wasn't compatible with the 1.1 mechanism.)

Stan (I waited for 1.1 before buying my first IBM PC) Sieler

Stan Sieler
Received on Mon Sep 10 2001 - 12:28:24 BST

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