Atari 800 Webserver (Was Mac Plus webserver...)

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 16:06:29 2001

> I've got one better for you, a 1979 Atari 800 being used as a webserver:


        Yes, I've seen the Atari 800 page before. The thing about
the Plus though is that it is actually running the Appletalk
networking protocals and the SE/30 is only acting as a bridge/gateway
to the TCP/IP ethernet LAN. Granted, it doesn't make much sense to
use the more powerful machine only as a gateway in that case, but
it's interesting to see that the webserver software still runs on
such a lowend machine. I seem to recall that there was a TRS-80
Model IV online at one point in much the same way the Atari 800 is.

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