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From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 18:58:52 2001

At 01:41 PM 9/10/01, Antonio wrote:
> I'm guessing you never read John Wisniewski's
> post in one (or more) DECnotes conferences
> on the Easynet where he announced the
> project - several years ago now!

That's correct. I've only heard of the project mentioned anecdotally.

> From there you hit the DFWCUG link
> and end up at .
> If you go via the DFWCUG site at,
> hit the Cheshire cat link near the bottom.

And you need to know that hcps is the "Hardware Prservation Society", so
not only is there no mention of this "project" on the DFW home page, nor
are there any reasonable search terms that something like Google could use
to index the pages! Oh well, its in my book marks now and the archives will
cache this message, perhaps others will be able to find it later.

> Maybe, I usually resort to greyscale for pages with
> photographs or fine detail that B&W seems to miss.
> Greyscale is better than nothing !

Greyscale is better than nothing, granted.
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