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From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 15:41:40 2001

> Chuck McManis wrote:
> something up for me. Where exactly has the DFWCUG ever indicated
that scans
>sent to them will be made available to others? If you go to their
home page
><> there is no mention of it, there are no
links to
>any scans in their "resources" section, there is nothing at all to
>such things will ever become available.

        I'm guessing you never read John Wisniewski's
        post in one (or more) DECnotes conferences
        on the Easynet where he announced the
        project - several years ago now!

        I've sent them about 6 CDs worth of stuff
        (like the uVAX 2K Tech manual and the
        KA655 tech manual and the TU58 user guide that
        appeared over the weekend) so it certainly
        looks to me as though if you send them scans,
        they'll make them available. A goodly
        chunk of the stuff has never been through
        my hands so either others are sending
        ready made scans (which they have asked for)
        or they have scanned manuals themselves
        which others have sent to them (one of the
        status messages indicated that they have
        500lbs of docs waiting to be scanned).

        AFAIK they had Digital's blessing to
        do this (John was openly soliciting
        information within Digital).

        Don't take my word for it - scan that 11/730
        docset and see if it appears or not - the
        11/780 one seems to have made it!

>Actually a much better link is this one:

        OK - I see the problem now.
        I pointed Bill at a bunch of places
        when he announced -
        it's a nice easy URL and I can remember
        it without having to search (or organise!)
        my bookmarks.

        From there you hit the DFWCUG link
        and end up at .
        If you go via the DFWCUG site at,
        hit the Cheshire cat link near the bottom.

        I cannot find their "mission statement" anywhere
        there (I'm sure it used to be there!) but a
        quick search turns up an update:

>However, someone decided to scan some of the manuals as low
resolution 8
>bit grey scale (what a waste of someone's scanning time!)

        Maybe, I usually resort to greyscale for pages with
        photographs or fine detail that B&W seems to miss.
        Greyscale is better than nothing !

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